Since 1982, Garson & Slepian has served as legal counsel to both individuals and family businesses. Our philosophy is to treat each client as a cherished guest. We recognize that a deep personal concern often motivates the client to take the first step to see a lawyer and that the advice we give is often critically important to our clients, personally and financially. We also recognize that a client is entitled to understand the legal thought process leading to our advice and recommendations and to that end we take the time to explain the legal conceptual context for the advice we give. We want our clients to be fully informed and to make intelligent, well informed decisions on matters they bring to us.

Experience is a great teacher, and each of us has more than twenty-five years of experience. This experience goes hand in hand with keeping current on the latest developments and technologies. Our office maintains the latest networks of information resources and professional affiliations to remain on the cutting edge of our fields of practice.